Pro-tect Coatings Quality Assurance

Pro-Tect Coatings ensures our systems and procedures follow recognised quality standards and practices and means we are consistently providing excellent quality finishes to all projects undertaken as well as keeping costs to a minimum and providing a quick and efficient turnaround at all times.

On arrival all work is checked for transport damage and suitability for the process requested. Projects are inspected and tested at each stage of the process using the latest certified testing equipment. Humidity and Dry Film Thickness Testing (DFT) are monitored and recorded throughout. On completion a full Quality Inspection of the project is carried out before departure to London, Kent and Essex.

Approved Applicators

Pro-Tect Coatings are approved applicators for

  • Cromadex Extra Life powder coating systems (Akzo Nobel / Interpon)
  • International paints (Ackzo Nobel)
  • Sherwin Williams Paints (formally Leigh’s Paints)
  • Metallisation Qualified Arc Sprayers


Certificates of Conformance can be supplied upon request. Guarantees are given according to the paint /powder manufacturers stipulations