Powder Coating in London, Essex and Kent.

Pro-Tect Coatings offer specialise in powder coating systems with a choice of cosmetic powder finishes. We operate an industrial curing oven and provide a professional powder coating service in the South East of England.

Key Factors to consider when choosing a suitable system are

  • Type of substrate
  • Type of environment
  • Expected durability of anti corrosion protection
  • Pre treatment
  • Working Constraints


Powder coating can be applied to both steel and aluminium and is capable of withstanding extreme environments. It can also be used over galvanized steel but a superior finish can be achieved over hot zinc spray which is an excellent alternative to galvanizing providing a uniform surface for the powder coating to adhere to with no fettling or distortion.

Pro-Tect Coatings work to the following standards

  • BS 6496 Powder Coating of Aluminium
  • BS EN 13 438 Powder Coating of Galvanized Steel
  • BS EN ISO 12944-5 Powder Coating of Mild Steel
  • BS EN 13 438 Powder Coating of Galvanized Steel

Pro-Tect Coatings is a certified applicator of the Cromadex Extra Life System for environments ranging from C1 to C5-M giving a coating life for up to 15 years.
Cromadex powders are produced by Akzo Nobel/Interpon, the world’s largest paint manufacturer

Powder Coating Classification External Internal
C5-1 Industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere Buildings or areas with almost permanent condensation and with high pollution
C5-M Marine coastal. High salinity Buildings or areas with almost permanent condensation and with high pollution
C4 Industrial areas and coastal areas with moderate salinity Chemical plants, swimming pools, coastal ships and boatyards
C3 Urban and industrial atmospheres, moderate sulphur dioxide pollution. Coastal areas with low salinity Production rooms with high humidity and some air pollution
C2 Atmospheres with low level of pollution. Most rural areas Unheated buildings where condensation may occur
C1 Heated buildings with clean atmospheres

Colours, Textures and Special Applications

A wide range of Colours are available including metallic finishes in surface textures such as gloss, semi gloss, matt, hammered or textured. Pro-Tect is able to provide the latest ‘Warm to Touch’ finish for hand rails as required by the latest legislation, new builds and replacement hand rails now require nonslip warm to touch coatings

Anti Graffiti Coating

A specially formulated transparent coating applied over the finish coat designed for the easy removal of spray paint, pen etc.

Advantages of Powder Coating

  • Contain no solvents
  • Emit no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
  • Can produce much thicker coatings without running or sagging
  • Overspray can be recycled and reused (no wastage)
  • Production lines produce less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coatings
  • Lead free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Comes in a wide range of colours and finishes

Please contact us with the location and environmental situation of your work piece and we will advise you on the correct Powder Coating System to suit your needs Telephone: 020 8311 4448