Intumescent Painting London


Steel weakens and loses its structural strength very quickly in a fire.
When heat attacks the Intumescent Coating, a chemical reaction occurs which causes the paint to expand, forming a
layer that insulates the surface (or substrate) below, from the fire.
Protection times are calculated according to the thickness of the metal. As thin metal heats up and loses its strength
faster than thicker metal this means that thin metal requires a thicker protective coating.
To ensue this is carried correctly paint manufacturers calculate the required thickness specification on our behalf.

Pro-Tect Coatings are Approved painters of
Sherwin Williams (Leighs) and International Intumescent Coatings.

An Intumescent coating is generally applied to steel columns, RSJ’s, steel beams, steel staircases offshore
construction etc.

  • Any RAL or BS colour can be applied over Intumescent paint as a cosmetic top coat finish.
  • One of 24 steel staircases, fire protected for housing
    development in Hackney
  • Steel Beams. Part of a steel structure – intumescent coat and topcoat finish