• Shot Blast Cleaning Dartford

    Blast cleaning London

    Pro-Tect Coatings Belvedere Site in Kent, has a 14m x 4m x 4m shot blasting room which can be extended to accommodate larger structures. This is installed with a fully automated underground grit recyc

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    Zinc Spraying London 2

    Hot Metal Spraying or Thermal Spraying has been used for over 90 years. Molten metal is sprayed on to a pre-roughened substrate and on contact the particles spread and bond with each other. This forms

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  • Powder coating in London

    Powder Coating London

    Pro-Tect Coatings offer a range of powder coating systems in London, to suit all kinds of environments from mild to extreme, and a huge choice of cosmetic powder finishes to satisfy your personal requ

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    Wet Spray Painting is used to protect steelwork once it has been shot blasted. Application is via airless paint pumps. This method is extremely effective as large surface areas can be coated much more

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Pro-Tect Coatings Ltd –Established 2002

An Assured Company for Powder Coating in London.

Providers of grit blasting, thermal spraying, intumescent and industrial wet spray coatings and powder coating in London and throughout the South East. Pro-Tect Coatings has gained its success and credibility through 18 years of experience in the metal finishing industry, serving steel fabricators throughout the South East.

We are one of a handful of companies that apply powder coating over hot zinc spray in London. Our professionally trained staff provide a fast and efficient turnaround with attention to detail at all times, our motto being ‘the quality of the finish is in the preparation’

We have one of the largest workshops in the South East, comprising 14,000 square feet of space dedicated to providing a quality assured, professional rust prevention service. For more than 15 years we have been building our reputation based on our service, expertise and professionalism. Our skilled and dedicated workforce are fully trained, every job is treated with the same attention to detail, whether large or small. We have developed a cost-effective rust prevention service which allows our customers in the London area to confidently fulfil their own client’s requirements. Our technical department is on hand to advise and provide written specifications

Our dedicated powder coating facilities include:

  • 14m x 4m x 4m Blast Cleaning room
  • 4,000sq feet Hot Zinc and Aluminium Spray room
  • 7,500sq feet Powder Coating workshop
  • 8m x 3m x 3m Powder Coating Oven
  • 6m x 2.5m x 2.5m Powder Coating Oven
  • 10,000 square feet of preparation area

Pro-Tect Coatings are approved users and applicators for many of the leading paint and powder manufacturers including: Akzo Nobel Cromadex Powder, International Paints and Sherwin Williams